Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jamison Mill Work Day

Trail Building
Friends of Philpott & other volunteers from the HCBC, SWVA & Franklin Freewheelers. The Public is welcome to help too!

Saturday, October 11, for Trail Building at Jamison Mills.

We will be meeting at Jamison Mill at 9:00 a.m.

Work will entail corridor clearing like blowing leaves, cutting saplings with the Corps' chainsaw, moving fallen trees to make way for the Ditch Witch and then hand finish work.

As far as what to bring: Work boots, gloves, long pants, and hopefully helmet or hard hat (if you have one), extra loppers, leaf blower and rakes would be helpful, too.

There have been a number of people helping to continue the fantastic work already started and we hope you can join us.

If I hear in advance that we will have a large group there working, I will bring and cook hot dogs and provide drinks; otherwise, please bring your own water and snacks.

Please get with Jim Frith at, Linda Drage at or Mary Lawson at with any questions.

Photo and article submitted by: Linda Drage
Edited by: Vicky Thomas

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jim frith said...

Hey, you can't miss going to Jamison's Mill for a walk or ride. Once you cross the concrete spillway and go up the paved drive to its end, simply continue to walk straight up the path up the hill until you get to a left or right. Take either and loop the Mill Hill to return to the start. We are next working on the descent/ascent to the loop which is well underway. Next I think we'll cut some trail down the face of the Mill Hill toward the lower parking lot with nice gentle switchbacks to yield two ways up and down. There is a loop off to the left on the way up to top too. It loops down to the shore line and back to the concrete spillway. jim