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First Hike of 2009!

JANUARY 3, 2009


DRBA's January 3 outing will be an easy 2-mile hike along Tanyard Creek on a farm near Ruffin, NC to explore unusual geologic formations on a North Carolina Natural Heritage site. Meeting at 10:00 at Happy Home Congregational Christian Church, we will carpool to the farm.

Coordinated by DRBA president Will Truslow, the hike will follow a woodland farm road to the creek, which cuts a gorge through Triassic conglomerate rock on its way to nearby Dan River. Some 200 million years ago, this section of northern North Carolina and southern Virginia was a deep lake. As rivers flowed into the lake, the slowing water dropped its load of sediment--first the large rocks, then smaller pebbles, then sand and silt. Over the eons, geologic pressures fused the surrounding clay particles, enclosing the rounded rocks and pebbles in a concrete-like mass. In addition, some buried logs became petrified wood.

Participants in the outing are asked to supply lunch and water, to wear hiking boots and layers of artificial (quick-drying) fabric or wool, to be ready for rain or wind, and to sign a waiver. Hiking poles are advisable because of the uneven streambed and a short steep ascent out of the gorge.

DIRECTIONS: Happy Home Congregational Christian Church is located at 6941 NC 700, Ruffin, NC.

From Danville- Travel south on US 29 into North Carolina. Exit onto NC 700 at the North Carolina Welcome Center and travel west toward Eden for 10 miles. The church is on the right.

From Eden- Travel east on NC 700, crossing the Dan River. The church is on the left, about 4 miles from the river.

From the south- Travel north on US 29. About 1.5 miles south of the Virginia line, exit onto NC 700. Turn west toward the NC Welcome Center and travel west toward Eden for 10 miles. The church is on the right.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Will Truslow, 336-547-1903, willtruslow@hotmail.com.

Article by T Butler
Posted by Vicky Thomas
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