Friday, December 25, 2009

Jennifer Doss Accepts Tourism Director Postion

Join us in congratulating Jennifer Doss on accepting a new position as
Martinsville/Henry County Director of Tourism!

Jennifer's enthusiasm, inventiveness and dedication have produced dramatic results in the past two years as Dan River Basins Rivers and Trails Project Manager.  Working under a grant from the Harvest Foundation, Jennifer's accomplishments have been innovative and exciting, providing enhanced recreational opportunities for our community and river basin and providing new opportunities that have never been available in our area.
Just a few of the many, many accomplishments in the past 2 years:
  • Development of the 75 acre Gravely Nature Preserve, Henry County's only interpretive park
  • 2 new river access on the Smith River
  • Preserving the historic Burgess Family Cemetery on Old Mill Road
  •  Development and implementaion of the "Adopt a Trails Program"
  •  Completion of the Fieldale Trail Phase II
  • The Fieldale Iron Bridge historic preservation Project
  •  Smith River Fest 2008- 2009

Although Jennifer will be greatly missed as a member of "Team DRBA", we are excited that she has chose to remain in Henry County and will still be a very active part of the goals we are working on together in our region.  Jenn will be continue as member of the Rivers and Trails Board and we look forward to working closely with her in the future.  We wish her the best of luck at her new position. (goodbye Tigger)

Brian Williams

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Lynn Pritchett said...

Jennifer is one of those people who will take an idea and run with it. Among her other accomplishments I would like to point out that she posted YouTube videos , helped create online websites such as, and initiated the creation of the Smith River Film Festival. She has a way of keeping a positive focus and creating a sense of fun comaraderie that is playfully stimulating. I expect our tourism numbers will be climbing as never before as she will continue to draw more people to come and visit the fabulous natural and cultural attractions our area has to our new tourism director! Congratulations, Jennifer!