Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids Fun Day 2010

Kids Fun Day at Philpott Lake Was Fun in the Sun (Shade) for Kids & Parents
Jamison Mill Park - More than 85 kids attended and enjoyed games; like corn hole and water blooms toss, painted butterfly crafts, rode on a miniature train cars pulled by a lawn tracker, learned bike safety from Philpott Park Rangers (adults & kids), and got up close with Tactfully Teamed Horses. The kids got to pet Lenny the Barn Owl and Robb Herbst's new Falcon, Stif. As a grand finally; they played in the creek. They had fake tattoos on arms and faces; even on a few grandmas. The adults enjoyed their selves too. Overall there were around 285 attending including the kids.

The Philpott Lake Rangers Curtis Brooks and Richard Wigley presented two bikes that the Friends of Philpott, Inc. had donated earlier this month at Goosepoint and Salthouse Branch parks during their Bike Safety Training. At the last Bicycle Safety Training at Salthouse Branch, Travis Pagans won a bike and presented it to a little girl who said she didn’t have a bike and was hoping to win. The bike Travis won was a girls bike and he could have gave it to his mom and have her sell it and give him the money, (after all, he was a teenage boy), but instead without hesitation he walked the bike directly over to the little girl and gave it to her.
A member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Martinsville picked up a bike like new at her church’s yard sale and gave it to the Rangers to give to Travis to show him that his good deed would not go unrewarded. The Rangers fixed it up as best they could and presented it to Travis at the Kids Fun Day.
It was a good day for all watching Travis ride back and forward on his bike (by the way, Travis didn’t have a bike of his own).
Pictured above are: Ranger Richard Wigley, Travis Pagans and Ranger Curtis Brooks

All the smiles on all the faces of the kids, the parents and all that worked that day, and the new friends we made; old friends who came together to share a Very Special Day in the Sun was great. Sponsored by Friends of Philpott, Inc. www.FriendsOfPhilpott.com.
Contributed by: Linda Drage

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