Thursday, February 5, 2009

Activity Toolkit presented to Delegate Armstrong

Activate presents their new Activity Toolkit to Delegate Armstrong during their visit to Richmond where they advocated for the need to create an active living community in Martinsville and Henry County.

“Since Armstrong’s recent weight loss success, the Delegate has become a champion of general health and wellness issues that affect citizens from across the Commonwealth. During the 2007 session, Mr. Armstrong introduced a bill that aimed to create a study group that would observe the conditions that lead to childhood obesity. One such catalyst is the use of trans fats in our children’s school-bought lunches. For this reason, Delegate Armstrong co-patroned a bill that aimed to ban all trans fats in lunches served by the school itself.

The wellness of the Commonwealth’s children also rests on their level of activity, especially our gym programs.” (this information was taken from Delegate Armstrong’s website at

Photo and article submitted by: Jeannie Frisco
Edited and posted by: Vicky Thomas

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