Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jamison Mill Cleanup, Saturday, February 7 & 14

Last weekend was a HUGE corridor clearing day at Jamison's. In fact, clearing was performed all the way to the bottom of Mill Hill leaving only dirt work going forward. There was a real nice turnout of volunteers that worked well together. On top, the "A" ditchwitch crew bypassed the huge beech tree and battled frozen earth to complete that section. Down the hill, the "B" class operator abandoned work there due to an 8" frostline with the other ditchwitch; however, that allowed the team to put nearly everyone to work at getting that clearing done, and the route of the trail corridor really feels nice and is attractive. Therefore, it was decided to do it again THIS Saturday, February 14th, to use both machines on completely thawed ground. Hopefully being dry, it will really eat it up.

The work will start at 9 AM again to continue the progress.

No more need for chainsaws but one blower to recover what has been finished would be great. This time it will be all dirt finishing, ditchwitching, and root removal.

For more information, please contact Linda Drage at ldrage@comcast.net.

Article and photo contributed by: Linda Drage
Edited and posted by: Vicky Thomas

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