Friday, July 31, 2009

“City Paints Its Way to Safer Streets”

As a part of the dedication to improving infrastructure for pedestrians in the area, the City of Martinsville is restriping crosswalks within the Uptown area. Walking in Uptown is becoming popular among residents. More and more people are walking and biking in and around the locality.

As the City works toward a more walkable/bikeable friendly community, Activate has developed an Infrastructure Priority Plan that identifies potential barriers that may prevent people from being active. This plan is being implemented and addressed by City staff.

Having properly striped crosswalks is a key element of pedestrian safety in each of Activate’s programs as well as for all residents who walk Uptown. The crosswalk restriping follows the creation of the city’s first bike lane along a 0.6 mile stretch of Clearview Drive, another project that promoted safer cycling in the area.

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