Friday, July 31, 2009

“MHC After 3 Walks & Bikes at Jack Dalton Park”

As a part of Activate Martinsville-Henry County’s new initiative to bring the benefits of an active lifestyle to the local youth, Activate staff hosted a biking and walking program for the members of MHC After 3. The youth of MHC After 3, ages 13-14, took part in the three hour session at Jack Dalton Park where they not only enjoyed walking and biking along the trails with Activate staff, but also received the necessary instruction on safety and awareness when walking and biking. The kids learned the proper way to walk, the importance of stretching before and after physical activity, and the basics of bicycle safety. Particularly important was helmet fitting and safety. Activate demonstrated the necessity of a helmet with the “melon drop,” where two cantaloupes, one with a helmet and one without, showcase the protection the helmet gives the head upon impact with the ground. Each participant also learned the health benefits of both walking and biking as they apply to burning calories, weight loss, stress management, and bone and muscle strength. This curriculum, geared towards middle school-age students, will serve approximately 200 area youth this summer.

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