Friday, August 28, 2009

Dust to Dust

A 3 story concrete shell of the old Bassett Furniture factory is becoming part of history this week as it comes down in a shower of concrete and rubble. Work started Monday of this week to demolish the old building in downtown Bassett. I for one am not going to miss this eye-sore ! The demolished concrete will be further crushed on site and reclaimed for sale. The giant "jaws" attached to the end of this track-hoe tear into the structure as the floors come tumbling down in a loud crash of concrete dust and twisted metal rebar. Jenn and I met with Jim Franklin at the site today to find an old set of stairs in one of the adjacent warehouse buildings. Jeb Bassett has donated the stairs for use as a temporary river access point behind the corporate headquarters for use during the Bassett Heritage Festival in September. We will pick up the stairs next week and get them installed in time for a family fun float during the festival, from Bassett Historic Center down the river ½ mile to the Bassett Furniture Headquarters. The stairs will be removed after the event. Submitted by Brian Williams

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