Thursday, January 22, 2009

Activate Receives Grant for Bicycle Helmets

Activate has been awarded one of sixty Bike Smart Virginia Bicycle Helmet Mini-grants from the Virginia Department of Health. Activate will use these funds to provide over 200 multi-sport helmets to Martinsville and Henry County children who ride bicycles but do not have helmets. “We want our children to be physically active and engaged in play, but we also want them to be smart about safety, and these helmets will ensure that they have the equipment they need to play safely.” said Jeannie Frisco, Program Director of the organization.

Helmets will be distributed during the annual bike rodeo to be held in May. The main focus of the rodeo is teaching bike safety techniques beginning with how to properly fit and wear your helmet.

Frisco acknowledged Martinsville Police Department’s willingness to partner in the submission of this application. “This alliance is a win-win for everyone,” she said.

Bike Smart Virginia is a state program to prevent bicycle-related injuries in communities. A critical component of the program is the promotion of proper helmet usage.

Article and photos submitted by: Jeannie Frisco
Posted by: Vicky Thomas

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