Friday, January 30, 2009

Kindergarten Kids and Trout

This tank is full of healthy little trout fry and is under the watchful eye of the students in Hannah Sullivan's kindergarten class at Axton Elementary School. Now that is a whole lot of trout!

Hannah is one of our star TIC teachers and this will be her second year with the program.

Hannah had great success last year with big, healthy fish released into the Smith, and she is off to a great start again this year with a whole new crop of trout and a brand new crop of kids!
She also develops programs for her students to help teach them the importance of keeping trash and pollution out of our rivers and streams so we can have healthy water. One of her tools is a "Smart Board" program which is an interactive game allowing kids to go up to the screen and drag trash from the river. Each time they remove trash, an animal appears. The kids see the direct impact of pollution and wildlife. She then turns her attention to the trout tank and asks the kids if she should drop her empty soda can in the tank...they all scream "NO, you'll hurt the fish !" Yea, they get it!!

Article and photos by: Brian Williams
Edited and posted by: Vicky Thomas

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