Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bicycle Commuter Benefits Act Passed

After seven years of letter-writing and Congressional visits, the Bicycle Commuter Benefits Act has passed and is now law. This law is a simple, equitable provision that puts cyclists on the same footing as people who get tax breaks for taking transit or driving their cars to and from work.

The intent of this bill is so an employer can provide up to a $20 a month incentive related to an employee’s bike commuting. Accor Services, a leading provider of transportation benefits commuter solutions in the United States has developed a program that will provide a commuter check solution for bicycle commuters. The Commuter Check for Bicycling vouchers is the most convenient solution available to take advantage of the $20 per month Bicycle Benefit, authorized by the IRS that began January 1, 2009. Employers purchase them just like they do standard commuter check vouchers. Employees can take the vouchers they receive to any dedicated bicycle shop to redeem their value. Interested employers and employees can visit Accor Services website at for more information. For more information regarding the Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision, visit

Article and photos submitted by: Jeannie Frisco
Posted by: Vicky Thomas

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