Monday, April 6, 2009

Build it and they will come...

You've heard the expression "if you build it, they will come." That saying was certainly true this past weekend at the Fieldale Trail. The new expansion to the Smith River Trail System has been getting quite a bit of attention. Open officially for only a week now, over 80 visitors enjoyed the trail on Sunday!

Around 2 p.m., Rivers & Trails Chairperson, Ellen Jessee visited the trail with friends and spotted 42 walkers, one dog walker, and two cyclists.

Later on at 5 p.m., after planting spring flowers on my property, I ended the day by taking a leisurely walk with my husband and three-month-old son. While on the trail, we spotted 20 walkers, five people walking dogs, two others with baby strollers, two cyclists, and five fishermen using the trail to get to "the good spot."

I also heard reports from another DRBA member and regular trail runner, Patty Williams, that another ten walkers enjoyed the trail after we left.

It's no suprise that the public enjoys this trail- scenic views of the river, wildflowers gallore, historic points of interest, and plenty of room for bikes, strollers, and pooches await visitors at the Fieldale Trail. If you haven't been to visit yet, stop by to see what you're missing!

Trailhead picnic area

Canoe/Kayak rack to park your boats on while waiting for the shuttle.

For more information on the Fieldale Trail, contact 276-634-2545. The Fieldale Trail was funded by the Dominion Foundation, developed by the Dan River Basin Association, and is maintained by Henry County Parks & Recreation.

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