Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Like most of the 70 million Americans who have arthritis, you’ve probably tried all kinds of things to relieve your pain. Research shows that becoming more physically active can help. For many years, everyone thought that people with arthritis should rest to spare their joints. In fact, Just the opposite is true.

Low-impact activities such as walking are crucial for people with arthritis. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue. Of course, when stiff and painful joints are already bogging you down, the thought of walking a mile might make you cringe. Activate can help with that by providing the tools, encouragement and support you need.

One participant of our Low Impact Walking Program has severe joint pain. She didn’t start off running a marathon. She started slowly and gradually with 10 minutes at a time. We encouraged her to let her body be her guide. It was hard for her to carry on a conversation from lack of breath. Now she walks up to 30 to 45 minutes per day, 3 or more days a week and talks to everyone as she passes them on the track at the Low Impact Walk!

If you are experiencing the pain and stiffness of arthritis, there’s something you can do about it that will not cost you a dime. Walk more. There are many beautiful trails throughout our community with walking groups that individuals can join. If you are not familiar with all of the vast opportunities to get you up, out and active, go to and download the FREE 30 page Activity Toolkit or call Activate at 276-638-2523 Ext 204. Not only will you get a valuable guide to better health, you will also receive a free pedometer and water bottle.
Be sure to check out Activate’s FREE Low Impact Beginner’s Walk brought to you through the partnership of Activate and the YMCA. Participants can go the Martinsville YMCA from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and use the elevated walking track. Contact Activate at 276-638-2523 Ext 204 for more information. As with any exercise regimen, we recommend that you talk to your physician before starting this program.

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