Friday, May 22, 2009

Local Agencies Partner to Promote National Employee Health & Fitness Day

Activate Martinsville-Henry County, the City of Martinsville, and the Martinsville/Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness teamed up for a special event to promote National Employee Health and Fitness Day earlier this week. The “City Health Biking and Walking Day” drew approximately 60 participants to the Uptown area on Wednesday, May 20.

Participants gathered at the Uptown Farmer's Market at 11:30 a.m. to take in some fresh air and exercise while having the choice of biking or walking on the Uptown Rail Trail. A few walkers decided to extend the trail route of about one mile by continuing to walk throughout Uptown. After the walking and biking, most stayed for lunch hosted by the Martinsville Fire Department, located across the street from the Farmer’s Market.

Bikes and properly fitted helmets were provided for all riders to use courtesy of Activate’s new “It’s How We Roll” program. Throughout the event, participants enjoyed fresh strawberry smoothies at the Coalition’s Health Awareness Booth, which offered information about many of its health programs for community members.

The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF), a non-profit organization, declared the first “National Employee Health and Fitness Day” in 1989 on the third Wednesday of May. NAHF envisioned “National Employee Health and Fitness Day” as a way to benefit business productivity as well as employee health. In addition to weight management and reduced occurrence of illnesses, NAHF has found that active employees have lower rates of absenteeism, fewer health care needs, lower stress and fatigue levels, and higher work efficiency. Consequently, as staff productivity rises, business productivity increases, leading to a community structure with a greater likelihood of thriving.

For more information about local fitness initiatives contact Activate Martinsville-Henry County at 403-5087 or 403-5031 or at, the Martinsville/Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness at 638-2523, x311 or at, and the Martinsville Leisure Services Department at 403-5379 or at

Article/Photos contributed by Jeannie Frisco
Edited/Posted by Vicky Thomas

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