Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun Things To Do This Summer

Fishing Clinic at Reservoir
June 20th @ Beaver Creek Reservoir- FREE
Ages 8-12

Introducing children to the sport of “Fishing” that they can enjoy the rest of their lives. Martinsville Leisure Services Senior Center and Henry Co. Parks and Recreation partners together to develop this program. We are in need of volunteers to assist with the program. Call 403-5260 if interested in helping.

Art in the Park
June 20th @ J. Frank Wilson Park 10 AM-12 PM
All ages, $5 Fee

Let the nature of our City Park be your artistic inspiration. Take a closer look at life under the trees and draw, color, write, or paint to create your very own artwork. Art supplies will be provided. Virginia Museum of Natural History will put on the program. Call Tena Bullins to register—634-4185.

Bike Basics 101
July 18th @ 10am Uptown Spur Trail on Depot Street
Open to adults and children 16 years and older.
After completing the instruction, participants will enjoy a leisure bike ride on the level part of the Uptown Spur Trail. Participants should bring their own bicycle and safety helmet. Martinsville Leisure Services and Activate are partnering to offer this program. If you do not have a bike or helmet please contact Activate MHC at 638-2523 x204.

Introduction to Backpacking
July 28th 6-8 p.m.
Ages 12 and up, $5 fee

Learn the necessary preparations for a backpacking trip, proper clothing and footwear, nutrition, preparing food in the outdoors, and other essentials to backpack comfortably. Call 403-5140 to register.

Animal Tracks
August 22 from 10am-12pm
Fee $5
Learn the clues to identify some of the animal tracks in our region or in your back yard. Boys and girls ages 8-12. Call 403-5140 to register. Instructor: Gary Cody.

Astronomy Night
August 22 @ 9pm, Beaver Creek Reservoir
Fee $5

Learn more about celestial bodies and gas and dust within it, stars, galaxies, and the general structure of outer space. Look through a powerful telescope to view objects far away. Martinsville Leisure Service and Virginia Museum of Natural History is offering this program. Max: 20 All ages. Call 403-5140 to register.

Information provided by Gary Cody
Edited by Jennifer Doss

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