Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you need a walking buddy? If so...Stewart loves the Fieldale Trail!

One of our regular trail users at the Fieldale Trail, Dodie McKee, is looking for a good home for her canine friend Stewart, please take a moment to read their story. If you know of anyone who enjoys walking the area trails that would appreciate the company of a good walking buddy, please conact Dodie.

"Stewart was a stray dog that my friend and I found in Patrick County one bitter cold morning in February of this year. We took him to the shelter there and no one claimed him. We couldn't bear to see him put down, so we brought him home. About 5 months after I took him in; however, I had to go out on the road driving a truck. Although he rides very well and is extremely well behaved, this is no life for an intelligent, athletic dog like Stewart. He house trained immediately with no problems at all.  He also kennels well.  I love him so much, but I don't feel that he should be stuck in a truck with hardly any physical activity and nothing to occupy his mind.  I would love to find him a home with someone who will enjoy his special personality. He loves to go hiking and he could easily be trained to play ball or frisbee, etc.  I also think he has great potential for agility training.  Stewart is very loving and likes attention.  He's a clown and very fun to be with. He loves to ride in my car and doesn't bark and go crazy, etc. He is a house dog and is used to letting me sleep in "his" bed.  He is also used to playing in his fenced in back yard. Stewart is an american pit bull dog, and according to the vet, he is about 13 months old now. He has been neutered, all his shots are up to date, and he is on heartworm meds. and frontline. We have taken very good care of him. I really don't want to part with him, but he needs more than I can give him right now.  I want to do what is best for him. He would do best as an only dog with someone who is active and wants him to be a big part of their life. I would also suggest no children. I have not had him around any but he is very young, athletic and strong and i don't know how he would be around smaller kids. Please call dodie at 804-386-7600 or Debbie at 276-806-1797 for more info. if interested. You can see pics on my face book page also (look for dodie mckee). Thank you so much for your help. I know someone out there wants a companion to go out and enjoy the outdoors with. Stewart is just that and so much more!" -Dodie McKee

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