Monday, September 14, 2009

A Message from our President

The DRBA September 5 First Saturday Outing, paddling the Dan from the City of Eden's recently completed Draper Landing Access, hosted 98 paddlers and 77 boats. We had 56 people in single kayaks/canoes, 36 people in tandem kayaks/canoes and 6 people in triple passenger canoes. The day was perfect weather wise and water wise. A long list of DRBA volunteers deserve a BIG THANK YOU for making this day a success and enjoyable for everyone! Tremendous support from many hands and smiling faces made a bearable task of getting this record number outings group onto and off of the water safely and efficiently. We refer to our staff as Team DRBA, but that title also belongs to our general membership. Our volunteers stepped up and made this a very successful day.

Thank you Team DRBA!
Wayne Kirkpatrick, DRBA President

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