Monday, September 14, 2009

Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteers are needed for an upcoming DRBA activity at Eden's Riverfest on Saturday, September 19th.  Brian Williams will be hosting the casting clinic booth and teaching kids to cast between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The venue is spread out along the streets in downtown Leaksville and also includes a "River Village" at the Leaksville Landing on the Dan River. This is the location the Dan River Basin Association will be holding several activities including the famous "Tub-o-Bugs, iImpact art course and casting demos.

Last year, Brian and DRBA volunteer Darrin Doss held the casting clinics where they used a variety of rods and reels to allow youth and adults to try their hand at casting. In addition, they also had a couple of fly rods for folks that were interested in fly fishing but had never experienced casting a flyrod.  Last year DRBA helped over 100 kids and adults with casting practice at the event.

Basically here is the plan; Brian will bring about 15 rods, mostly baitcasters so the kids can try out casting

DRBA will have these at a table set up near the bridge at the Leaksville Landing. When people come up and want to know about fishing the local rivers, we provide them with info and if they would like to try casting we help them with that as well.

Please contact Brian if you are available to help during the day:

Here are some more details on the event:

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